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Internet Services:

Forntpage - tn.jpg (6505 bytes) In a world increasingly dependent on the Internet, we can provide all levels of internet services. We can offer name registration, basic and advanced hosting packages and full web development service including on-line shopping.

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By the way, we also have a few websites for sale.

Mainframe Development:

With a strong background in Analysis, Programming, and testing in an IBM mainframe environment, we can provide the skills you require.

Refer to the Company Profile for a detailed description of the environment, languages and tools we are familiar with.

Marketing your Company:

Using Digital Video editing and CD quality sound we can produce professional Training and Marketing videos and Video-CDs. Perhaps you simply want to digitally preserve a special occasion such as a retirement or completion of a special order.

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Rather than developing our own package to training material, we are in the processing of enlisting the help of a company specialising to on-line training.

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Job Opportunities with Big House Consulting:

We are always on the lookout for competent individuals in all our business areas. As our business expands we will offer administrative positions as well as technical posts.

Currently, we are interested in hearing from individuals who have web development skills.

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